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Since all activities are run by parent volunteers, they may change from year to year. 
This year, our activities may include:

Monthly Parents Social ~
All CHAPLET members, or anyone interested in joining CHAPLET, are invited to attend monthly gatherings for socialization and support among parents. Itís a great opportunity to get to know your local Catholic homeschool community! CHAPLET members can view the schedule for Socials on our Yahoo! loop.

Park Play Dates ~
CHAPLET moms often plan for playdates at area parks and playgrounds for an opportunity for both moms and kids to socialize and get some fresh air and exercise. Check the Yahoo! loop to be sure it's "on" for the month.

Roller Skating ~
Who says homeschoolers donít socialize?? CHAPLET children and teens look forward to monthly trips to the Cherry Hill Skate Center where for two hours on a Friday, the place is open exclusively for tri-county homeschoolers who select the music themselves, and have the video and arcade games turned off. You wonít find a better deal at only $3 per skater for admission (non-skaters and babies are FREE); skate rental (in-line or traditional) is also only $3 ... and of course, you can bring your own skates. The snack bar is open for lunch and refreshments, or you may pack your own. Click here for information, details and directions.

Teen Night ~
Calling all teens! CHAPLET homeschoolers ages 13+ gather at a CHAPLET memberís home for food and fun.  Itís a great opportunity for our teens to be teens since most of the time, we need them to watch our little ones, or take care of things around the house for us. Information about this can be found on our password protected Yahoo! loop for CHAPLET members. Itís been a great success and the kids have a blast!

Masses for Homeschool Families ~
We are in touch with Mary Seat of Wisdom co-op in Carney's Point, NJ. The coordinating priest will offer Masses throughout the year for area homeschoolers. These Mass times and location will be announced on our password protected Yahoo! loop. A beautiful alpha and omega to our children's education.

Pilgrimages & Field Trips ~
Occasionally it will be announced on the Yahoo! loop that a family or families (or an affiliated organization) plans to make a trip to a local shrine or historic venue. Keep an eye out for announcements like these to enrich your Catholic homeschool experience with spiritual and educational outings for you and your children, or feel free to post your own ideas and suggestions on our Yahoo! loop.