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Dues & Membership ~
Minimal yearly dues
* per family will be collected no later than September 30 to aid CHAPLET events and activities.  Upon payment and completed registration, new members access to our password protected Yahoo! group website. This will connect you to other CHAPLET members and give you all the information you need about our various groups and activities, plus links to great homeschool resources for you and your children. 

Note ~ DUES MUST BE PAID BY SEPTEMBER 30th so that our directory can be printed and distributed in October.  Cost of dues will increase after September 30th for any member who has not paid.  New members, however, are always welcome throughout the year with the initial dues fee, and will be added (upon payment) to our online directory.

Contact our Membership Volunteer to become a member today! 

* ~ Retired members are exempt from yearly dues!

The Yahoo! Loop ~
Our password protected Yahoo! Group website
(referred to as “the Yahoo! loop”) is a way for members to communicate with each other via posts on the site.  This may include announcements, prayer requests, homeschool and family-related news articles, as well as updates on events, activities, co-ops, our directory, etc.  Anything posted on our Yahoo! loop must be restricted to CHAPLET members and not shared outside the group, so as to respect the privacy of all of our families.  For access to the Yahoo! loop, click here to inquire about becoming a CHAPLET member!