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Who We Are

Our Members ~
CHAPLET welcomes Roman Catholics currently homeschooling, intending to homeschool in the near future, or those who are seriously considering homeschooling.  Non-Catholics are welcome as members, but not for positions of leadership so that we may maintain the Catholic nature of our group.  We encourage retired and veteran homeschool parents to stay with us ~ your wisdom and guidance is invaluable!

Our Mission ~
CHAPLET is a Catholic homeschool support group, dedicated to encouraging and assisting its members in raising their children within a nurturing and supportive family environment, based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

CHAPLET supports and defends the Truth of the Faith as presented by the Roman Catholic Church under the authority of the Magisterium, Sacred Tradition and Holy Scripture, in obedience to Church teaching which has stated that parents are the “primary educators of their children”.  Therefore, we must be witnesses to our Holy Faith within our homes, parishes and communities. 

We provide our children the opportunity to meet and associate with others who share the same Roman Catholic values through the activities we sponsor.  CHAPLET encourages active participation of both spouses in the total education process of their children.